And now for…Chanel cupcakes o_O

Yes, I am stuffing the….blog with absolutely everything I can find :)). Tomorrow’s presentation day :|.

AAaaanyway, thank you Maria, and yet again, I’m sorry I’m unable to give proper credit.

Worth more than all of your souls combined

pimpin', isn't it?

Wish me luck :|.


Taichi Saotoooooomeeeeeee~ <3<3

Ok, this is actually a FANGIRLISM post. Because…um…I had a feeling that this had to be done -_-. And because this is my blog so shove it :)).


And…skip to 0:20…damnit Japanese variety shows freak me out.

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Art: A Rant.

I’m confused.

Art, as a whole, confuses me. Mostly because I have no idea how people are supposed to judge good art from bad art (I’m not talking about personal taste, but the value a work of art is rumored to have) . Especially in this day and age.

Long, long ago, it didn’t seem like you had to worry your pretty little head too much about it: something was considered beautiful or artistic only if it followed some preestablished rules. If It badassely represented them, it was art, if it wasn’t, it was thrown in the pit of lions along with the idiot who made it. That’s, well, good. I like rules. Rules are simple.


But afterwards, some buttheads reached to the conclusion that if you judge art the way they did up ’till now, YOU’RE A NARROW MINDED SHEEP! So they started creating stuff by taking every norm that existed until then and doing THE EXACT OPPOSITE, something that surprisingly became really appreciated and popular, probably because most people didn’t want to be considered lame, old-fashioned retards. Thus a new era was born…

*appropriate music in background*

….and, naturally, it died. Every rebellious counter-current eventually becomes the new norm, and next thing you know, you end up getting thrown to the lions again for not being original in the same way everyone else is. So people became non-conformist again. In a different way o_O. And then that became the norm. Again.

Repeat the process about 4 billions times and you have the present, where basically ANYTHING can be considered art:

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And to complete the Soran saga…

We have the para para version 🙂 (=what the Japanese came up with using mini-skirts and extreme pop music).

And, just in case you were trying to forget, the original song and dance is THIS ONE:

*crawls back in study hell*


Sweets !

And now for something completely unrelated to Japan XD. And where I don’t have to write anything XD XD.

To the owners of the photos: I am so, so sorry for posting these without your permission. But please rest assured that I am neither claiming them as mine, not making sort of profit. I’ve linked to the authros page, if they had one (aka, if I found the pictured on deviantart) but if you want them to be removed, say so and they shall be deleted into thin air.

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The sign says "Welcome to Japan!"

A week and a bit ago, my faculty organized a Japanese festival, a…thing that almost every Japanese teaching university in Bucharest seems to do every year. You wouldn’t picture them as mafia meetings but they kinda are, from what I’ve seen *shudder*  It mostly consisted of shows and workshops: origami, ikebana, DANCES, give-away sushi, opportunity to prance around in a yukata and the like. And now, right after it was all over, we started talking abut NEXT year’s festival. The idea of a harakiri workshop popped, you know, the one with the cutting and the pain, the one that no emo kid would attempt doing because you can actually DIE?

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According to, um, multiple sources, the most common definitions of enka usually orbit around “the Japanese version of folk” or “traditional songs adapted to modern music”. So, judging from these alone, you can either expect enka to be the music of cute little Japanese hippies, sitting around a fire and getting high on…fish, or, I don’t know, Lady Gaga playing a shamisen.

Or something in between.

Well, in that case, YOU WERE WRONG!

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